Trading is our heritage and passion

Welcome to our world
of first class, high quality products

Trading is our heritage and passion

Welcome to our world
of first class, high quality products

„The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run. And if you do that, you will have enough to pay for something better.”

― John Ruskin



Trading is our heritage as well as our passion.

We are a young company but with great experience and long-lasting relationships throughout the industry. Supported by our founders from Switzerland and Germany with decades of experience in trading we offer our customers excellent service as well as high quality products.


To create value for our shareholders, our employees and our business, and social partners by safely and responsibly exploring, mining and marketing our products. Our primary focus is phosphate, but we will pursue value creating opportunities in other minerals where we can leverage our existing assets, skills and experience to enhance the delivery of value.


To be a recognized trading company focused on growing sustainable production, delivering on our commitments for excellence and valuing and developing our employees.


Our six core values are at the heart of our improved culture, serving as a guide to our behavior in the way we interact with each other,
our environment, as well as our neighbors and stakeholders.


We put safety first, before anything else.


We treat each other with human dignity and respect.


We are honest and true to what we commit to.


We make a positive contribution towards an enduring world.


We focus on a high performing culture.


We work together with all our partners to build a great company.

“He who starts already achieved half.” – “Qui commence a déjà fait la moitié.”






Organic fertilizer is an essential source of plant nutrients and soil. Organic fertilizers differ from chemical fertilizers in that they provide nutrients for your plants while creating healthy soil. They are considered a greener option.


Basalt is a basic, igneous rock of volcanic origin. As a building material, basalt is mainly used for the substructure of roads and railroad tracks due to its pressure-resistant character.


Greywacke or graywacke (German grauwacke, signifying a grey, earthy rock) is a variety of sandstone. As a hard stone, graywacke is a weathering-resistant natural stone and is therefore used today especially in landscaping


The renewable raw material wood is durable, stable and can be processed flexibly. Whether indoors or outdoors: Wood products convince with their special look and increase the well-being through their cozy atmosphere. Due to the versatile application possibilities, you can express your individual taste with products made of wood. In our online store you will find a wide selection of exquisite wood products for your projects wether it’s home or garden. Let yourself be inspired by the natural product!



We get things moving - under this motto we are your partner for modern processing technology. We are dealing with brands such as SBM Mineral Processing, Arjes, Zemmler and Neuenhauser as well as Keestrack and Metso Outotec. We offer a wide range of mobile processing plants.


With a large, powerful fleet of machines, we support you in a wide variety of construction projects. Whether demolition, large-scale earthmoving or road and sewer construction. Our complete fleet is state-of-the-art. We can also deliver construction machinery directly to your site so that you can start your project immediately.

recycling and

Construction and demolition waste accounts for more than a third of all waste generated in the EU. At around 60 million tons - per year - construction waste is one of the largest types of waste in Germany in terms of volume. Construction waste includes various mineral materials such as, for example, stones, screed, concrete, bricks as well as tiles and ceramics. In order to obtain a new raw material from the construction waste it has to go through various processes. In the end, the former waste is finally turned into a new material, also called secondary material. The idea: to reduce resource consumption with recycling and at the same time make an important contribution to environmental protection.



We are not certain whether if it is the famous Teranga - which means “hospitality” in English - or the climate in Senegal that causes the mangos to be so sweet, soft and stringless, but we know for sure these mangos are of outstanding quality. Ideal for juicing and drying with their characteristic bright red colour, excellent taste and beautiful aroma the Senegalese mangos are an excellent ambassador of their beautiful country.


This product is without any doubt a classic throughout the world. Coming in four varieties peanuts are produced and traded annually in the millions of tonnes. Therefore, with our affection to food we have chosen to promote the top quality East Central Asian peanuts grown on small and mid-sized plantations. Sourced directly on a basis of personal relationships with the plantation owners our peanuts will let you no longer "go nuts" anywhere else.


Almost everyone enjoys a cup of coffee now and then. However, only a few enjoy the privilege to call the coffee bean farmer while doing that. Over the long years of presence in international trading, we have accessed the elite world of the coffee supply chain and are able to offer seasonally limited varieties and quantities of green bean coffee among others straight from Laos, Vietnam or Uganda.


In life the only occasion it is good to have a thick skin and be filled with cholesterols is when you are an avocado. The demand for this particular fruit is on a world all time high, and we think there is not much we can add which has not been already said about this wonderful and healthy creation of nature. Guacomole anybody?


Like a banana, life should be raw, simple and sweet. Therefore, feel free to "go bananas" with us, as you will not regret it. We supply high quality bananas from Ghana and the Philippines grown under the Global Good Agricultural Practices scheme.

Milk Powder

Holy Cow it is! Based on long-term contractual relationships we offer a full range of dairy products from worldwide recognized European producers at very competitive terms. We consider ourselves particularly strong in all type of milk powder trade.


If it comes to quality standards of all kind, it rarely gets stricter than in Switzerland and Germany. This applies to animal breeding and slaughtering even more. Therefore, with our devotion to freshness and premium quality we decided to offer the full range of animal meat products. A significant amount of our overall trade consists of halal and kosher marked produce.

Deep Sea Fish

We are not fisherman ourselves but we dare to say we can supply you whatever fish that can be sustainably sourced from the coastal waters of Senegal and Mauretania. All of our offered fish come from well-managed fisheries or responsible deep-water fishing.



You want to be especially quick. Let’s catch a flight. It’s all about freshness and we understand that perfectly. Whether it is charter or regular air freight – we can arrange it.

Air transport is most used for seafood, flowers and fruits. But we are of course ready to give anything a nice flight. It’s obviously the fastest way to transport and it is the logistic execution of making the world a mom-and-pop-store.


Hop on board. Our most common way of transport. Containers or bulk – dry or refrigerated: it of course depends on what you order. But we will know the needs for storing, loading and handling according to the specific needs.

Commodity inspections and quality control, insurance matters and customs declarations – it may sound crazy: but we like to take care of those things.


Who doesn’t like trucks and trains. Especially when they bring you goodies. So, that’s what we intend to do if you want us to take care of logistics. Let’s discuss the details depending upon the countries, commodities and products involved.

It’s ok if you start with a small truck, but we like the big ones much better.